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Why is microchipping so important?


One out of every three pets will become lost in their lifetime. Any puppy, kitten, or adult dog or cat should be microchipped to protect it against loss, theft, or separation from its owner. The chip contains information about the pet’s owner and can be identified with a microchip scanner.  These scanners are available at most veterinarian clinics animal shelters, as well as through animal control offices and many police departments.

The chip is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted by injection between the shoulder blades.  Implantation is simple, quick, and no more painful than a vaccination. If lost, a microchipped pet can make a fast return to its owner.


We microchip all of our adoptable pets before they leave for their new homes, and this additional cost is reflected in the adoption fee.


We also are happy to microchip pets who were not adopted from us!  The charge is $25, and we encourage everyone to give their pets this important lifeline for getting home.  If your pet is not microchipped yet, please protect your pet today!

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