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Janice and Pepper adoption day april 23

Janice Porter

Beloved ACARF Director

November 2, 1963-December 18, 2020


I am absolutely heartbroken to inform everyone that ACARF’s wonderful director, Janice Porter, passed away on Friday, December 18, after a long and incredibly brave fight with cancer.

How can I even begin to tell you how much Janice loved ACARF?  We started together over ten years ago as volunteers when the shelter opened and have worked together all these years since.  Janice volunteered tirelessly and with joy.  From the beginning, she was a passionate advocate for ACARF.  Janice helped with everything: hands-on care of our dogs and cats, front office work, fundraising, and public awareness.  If something needed to be done for ACARF, Janice would do it.

The position of director was not one that she sought.  However, several years ago ACARF was at a moment when a highly capable director with knowledge and experience was desperately needed.  Janice did what was best for ACARF, of course, and she accepted the job.   As director, Janice was in her element.  She was a gracious representative, a compassionate and protective boss, a patient teacher to volunteers, a fierce protector of our animals, and a skilled administrator.  ACARF’s adoptions increased, and our reputation for being a true refuge for animals grew.

During her long illness, Janice continued to work every single day that she could possibly make it to the building.  There were many times when she came to ACARF and we knew she was suffering, but she could not stay away.  Even when she couldn’t make it to work physically, Janice was still checking in, worrying, planning.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family Janice adored.  We are also sad for our community, which has lost an outstanding leader who vastly improved the conditions of animals in the area.   

At ACARF, we will grieve the loss of her strength, her courage, her wise guidance, and her incredibly kind and loving heart.   We will honor Janice in the only way we know how, and in the only way that she would want:  by carrying on in the work to which she was so devoted.

If you would like to honor the memory of this wonderful woman, please donate to ACARF for Janice.  You can donate here, or you can drop your donation in person/mail it to:


305 East Highway 54

La Harpe, KS 66751

memorial candle thank you for donations

Thank you to everyone who so generously donated to ACARF in memory of our late director, Janice Porter.  Janice’s family and the ACARF staff/board members are all grateful for your kindness.

We plan to use these funds for something that was very important to Janice:  giving back to the community.  All money received in her name will be used for spay/neuter/immunization vouchers that will be given to community members whose pets need these services.  We will be providing details about this soon.

Janice felt strongly about the need for community spay/neuter/immunization programs, not only to reduce the unwanted pet population but also to improve the overall health of cats and dogs.  She would be pleased that we are helping area pet owners and their kiddos in such an important way.

For those who still wish to donate, you can do so by PayPal through the donation button on our Home page or you can mail/drop off your donation to:


305 E HWY 54

La Harpe, KS  66751

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