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Must all adopted pets be spayed/neutered?



All healthy animals who are old enough (but not too old) and large enough for surgery when they are adopted must be spayed or neutered.

In some special situations, we will allow an unaltered pet to go home with their adoptive family before being altered. This would usually occur if the animal is adopted when it is still too small for surgery. In those cases, a refundable spay/neuter deposit is required in addition to the adoption fee.  This deposit is refunded when proof of spay/neuter has been submitted.  The pet's spay/neuter must be completed within 90 days of the adoption.   


On rare occasions, an animal will be adopted who is too old or has a medical condition that makes surgery a risk.  In those instances, we will ask our veterinarian to certify this is the situation.  Those pets, of course, may be adopted unaltered.

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