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ACARF courtesy listings are now through Rehome by

Adopt-A-Pet and The Petco Foundation.  

ACARF is partnering with Adopt-A-Pet and the Petco Foundation to provide you with a new, better, safer, and free way to rehome a pet.

Rehome” is a no-cost and very simple step-by-step program for creating your own rehoming listing that will then go on a nationwide database (  Your chances of finding a great new home for your pet just improved dramatically! 

Rehome gives you excellent screening methods, including a required rehoming fee.  Once the adoption is complete, 100% of the rehoming fee goes to the referring shelter (our unique tracking URL for Rehome is ; the shelter-specific tracking info for ACARF is also included if you use the clickable Rehome box, below).  Not only does the rehoming fee help you screen for legitimate adopters, it also provides some extra funding for ACARF. 

Ensuring the safety of all parties involved is an important element of the rehoming process. Rehome will give you advice about safe meeting practices, and we are also happy to tell you that Petco offers its stores as secure places for Rehome “meet and greets!” 


Rehome (like those of us at ACARF) would like owners to be able to keep their pets, if at all possible.  On the Rehome site you will find suggestions and resources that may help you do that!

With this new and much-improved method of rehoming your pet now in place, ACARF will no longer be doing individual courtesy listings on our Facebook page.  We feel that Rehome is a far better and safer way for you and your pet.

Resources and advice to help you keep your pet instead of rehoming:

Find more information about Rehome:

Use Rehome to find a new home for your pet by clicking the Rehome box below:

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